Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last week of preschool

Liz had been begging me to put the pool up all weekend. I finally got it put up Monday and the kids love the pool. I love watching them splash around. They have the greatest time in there. Look at her cute face. She loves swimming and being in the water. She has a nice tan already.

Stephen has the cutest smile. The only way to get him to look at the camera is to say "Stephen say Chuck e Cheese" and he will look every time. I love it. He loves the pool just as much as Liz does and he has a nice tan as well. It makes me sick.

Here Liz is blowing bubbles. She loves bubbles. She had the greatest time. She is really going to miss preschool. She always looked forward to preschool.

Here Liz is blowing bubbles with her friend Emma. She loves Emma. They have the greatest time together. They both started preschool at the same time. They both have grown up so much.

Here Liz is posing for me. She loves the camera and the camera loves her. She is so beautiful!!

This is a picture of the kids in Liz preschool class. We are missing Elden though, but Liz loves everyone in her class. She loves it there. She loves Bonnie, her teacher. From Left to right it is Emma, Elizabeth, Nathan, Jasmine, Noah. What a great picture.