Thursday, November 12, 2009

Climbing Silly Mountain

Liz looks like she is going to sneeze, but they both look so cute with their backpacks and hats and Liz has the binoculars. The look so cute!
I am pretty sure that Stephen has bubbles on his hand and he wants it off. He doesn't like sticky stuff on his hands at all.
Nice views from Silly Mountain. Looks great!

This is Dick, Papa as the kids call him.
This is Connie, and the kids call her Grandma. From what I gather from them, the kids could have kept going, but they couldn't. Liz would have climbed to the top I do believe. She loves doing stuff like that.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hair Cut

This was taken right before they started cutting his hair. He had no idea what was going on. Poor kid!As you can see he was not happy at all. Connie said that he kept saying that he wanted to go home. Poor baby!Look how short it is! He is not a fan of having his hair cut. The last time we cut his hair you would have thought we were killing the kid.
The barber gave Stephen a baseball and he seemed to calm down a bit.He loves baseball, so that barber giving him that glove and ball was a good thing. He looks so cute!
What a handsome boy! He looks so cute with his shot hair.Now that is a great picture of the 2 of them. Look at how cute my babies are? What blue eyes they have!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pictures of my babies!

She looks so pretty. She is so cute and I love when she wears purple. She looks so beautiful.
Here hair looked do good after I had washed it the night before and put it is in brads. You can see the different highlights in her hair. She has gorgeous hair.Look at my little man. He has such a cute smile. I love his hair spiked up. What a cutie!Don't they look so cute?! They are so cute. Well, except Liz's surprise look on her face. But they still are very cute.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trunk or Treat at the Bonanza Building

Now don't the look so cute. Stephen loved being a fireman and loved the hat. Liz was just the cutest little Tinker Bell. I just loved how cute they both were. I love how they are cuddling here.
This is a friend of ours, Randy Swann and is little girl Jolee and Liz just loves that baby. But I thought Jolee looked so cute. She was adorable.

This is a family in one of the wards and they made a dragon costume for all their kids to fit in and it was so cool. Everyone loved it. Stephen was scared of it and so was Liz. It was a little scary up front, but a really cool idea.