Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Berry Picking

There is Grandma and Grandpa Radde sitting in the back with the kids and playing with them. The kids really did enjoy the time they spent with them.
Here they are ready to go pick their berries. Liz kept telling us to hurry up and get going. She is so funny.
Stephen loved the berries. He had a great time. He loved eating them just as much as picking them.
Her she is trying to figure out which berry to pick and if she will get stuck by and prickers in there.
Liz and Grandma Radde picking berries together. Liz had said that her bucket was for the girls and Stephen's bucket was for the boys. She is so funny.
Liz dumping a handful of berries in her bucket. She had so much fun. She loved picking berries.
Stephen picking the berries. He had a good time doing it. He ate some along the way too.
These are the berries the kids picked. That is 16 pounds worth of berries. They had so much fun.
Stephen and Isabella spending some time together. They are so cute!

There's my pretty girl! She is so dang cute! She liked the out doors. She enjoyed the wind in her face.
They are so dang cute. They loved playing with those lady bugs.
The kids loved the lady bugs. They were climbing all over them. It was fun to watch them.
These two were fighting the whole time. It was so much fun to watch and the kids love it too.
The goat was chewing on the wire. It was so cute and funny. The kids loved the goats.

This was so cute. They had a baby donkey there. It was so cute. The kids loved it.


starstruck_texan said...

What farm did y'all go to?

Jenna said...

We love berry picking (we have to find ours out in the wild) and it make delicious jam! We miss you guys and hope life is going good in TX!

shimelle said...

Lisa,we went to the Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. It is great. I am sure your kids would love it. The have all kinds of berries to pick.

Jenna, We miss you guys too. We are coming out visit in July. We will be coming to visit Escalante Ward July 25th. I can't wait to see everyone. Take care