Monday, May 24, 2010

Zoo Trip

Liz being friendly with the dear. She did a great job.
Mom feeding the dear. They tried to eat mom's purse. It was funny.
Liz feeding the dear again. They loved her and stayed close to her.
This goat was trying to eat Connie's pants. They tried to eat my purse, pants and shirt. It was funny.
Liz was have the greatest time at the petting zoo they had there. She loved the animals. They dear and goats and all the animals loved her.
There's my little man. We don't have many pictures of him because he was terrified of the animals. He would just through the food on the ground instead of feeding the animals from his hand. It was sad, but funny.
This is a buffalo and yuck! You drop the food in their mouths and boy do they have bad breath.
Liz feeding the Llama. She really enjoyed that. The Llama ran along the side of us the whole time.
This is was so funny. Liz turned around and there was a huge camels head above her. It was funny and she didn't cry or anything. She laughed.
Liz feeding Sally. Sally is Omar's girl. They were really friendly and calm with the kids.
That camels name was omar and he was big. Liz had fun feeding him. He was very friendly .
There is Grandma Surface and Isabella. What a cute picture!
This camels name is Sally. She is Omar's girl friend. As you can see, Liz has no problem feeding the animals at all.
This is a baby buffalo. Very shy, but very cute. The kids loved seeing a baby one.
This buffalo was nasty. The only way to deed them was hold your hand over their mouth while it was open and drop the food in their mouth. Their tongues were gross!

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